“Men in the Kitchen” Bring the MasterChef Emotion to The View this Sunday

The Masterchefs are lifting the curtain a little bit to tell us what surprises to expect at the special dinner organized at The View on May 20th.

“Daniel: The interesting thing is that we will serve a four course meal, which was created by us and includes unique components – amuse bouche, starter, main course and dessert. Between the serving of each course there will be games with the diners. Our goal is to choose unique sites for the dinners we are hosting. For me, The View is the first restaurant in Sofia with such view, so we selected it in order to offer our guests not only great dishes, but also an experience. The Chef of The View Kaloyan Dobrev will be  our host. He is an amazing and talented chef and he will be working along with us throughout the dinner, so at our disposal we will have some inspiring professionalists”. Read the whole interview (in Bulgarian) here: https://bistro.bg/article/idei/men-in-the-kitchen-prenasjat-emocijata-na-masterchef-v-stolichen-restorant-tazi-nedelja.html