BNR Radio Sofia Live from The View

The editor in BNR Radio Sofia Petya Zungorlieva and her team had a live show at The View. Nikolay Koev, organizer of Sofia Restaurant Week, joined the interview. He said that almost 5 000 people made reservations within the festival. Over 300 of them chose The View to try the two menus that were especially created.

Stefan Stoev, sous chef at The View, answered questions such as what is essential to have in a kitchen and what inspired the creation of the recipes of the two festival menus. “The starter of the first menu is Verine. From French this means a dish in a glass, but the recipe we used is Italian. This combination of tastes and European recipes reflects what we usually prepare here at The View,”  he said. “The several “floors” of the dish is making a reference to the high floors that the restaurant is situated in, as it is the restaurant in the highest location in the country,” he added. You can hear (on Bulgarian) the whole interview here, and we are expecting to also see a video!